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We deliver transparent, intuitive and impactful solutions to airline inflight services and operations.


Culinary & Service Design

Craft airline menus that delight passengers and streamline operations, from gourmet plating to local partnerships. Elevate your inflight dining with moder, wellness-inspired cuisine and Michelin-grade service, all designed for efficiency.


Menu Card Management

We transform your basic menus into stunning, multilingual cards for your global network. Simply send your menu grids and we will handle everything from design and translation to production.


Equipment & Uniform

We design and deliver operation-friendly service equipment (think airline carts and cutlery) and uniforms, managing everything from concept to implementation. From research to production, we ensure a seamless fit for your airline operations.


Wine & Champagne

Our wine masters and expert sommeliers craft award-winning wine programs for lounges and inflight experiences. We handle everything from selection to crew training, ensuring a memorable journey for every passenger.


Food & Beverage Development

We craft delicious and stress-tested meals for airlines, from globally-inspired dishes to innovative options and fresh selections. Plus, we partner with industry leaders to develop and curate set meals and top-notch beverages.


Catering Operation

We can streamline your airline catering operations to reduce costs and waste, all while ensuring the highest food safety standards and efficient use of equipment across your network.


Cabin Crew Performance Standards & Operations

We elevate your cabin crew performance to meet 5-Star standards through service refresh, training revamps and digital tools. Our program improves crew efficiency and passenger experience with a focus on clear procedures.


Airline Catering Digitalization

We take the lead to streamline your airline catering operation by
integrating everything from meal planning and finance to
production and crew training. This provides a single platform to
optimize costs, improve efficiency, and maximize profitability.


Airport Lounge Culinary & Service Development 

Go beyond the ordinary. We craft unforgettable lounge experiences that keep travelers relaxed, productive and impressed, setting your airline apart from the competition.


Privilege Program Transformation, & Partnership & Collaboration 

Unlock new possibilities. We revolutionize your loyalty program, driving member engagement and revenue by offering a wider partner network, employee benefits and innovative reward options.


Certification & Quality Systems

Unlock new revenue streams and passenger loyalty with a world-class Halal catering program. We handle everything, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.


Uplifting The Private Aviation & Low-Cost Carrier Service

Supercharge your bottom line. We'll optimize your inflight experience with lighter equipment, streamlined operations and innovative products. Attract new customers with regionalized offerings and exciting upgrades without sacrificing your low-cost advantage.




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