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Craft airline menus that delight passengers and streamline operations, from gourmet plating to local partnerships. Elevate your inflight dining with modern, wellness-inspired cuisine and Michelin-grade service, all designed for efficiency.

1. Are your airline meals falling short of passenger expectations and failing to align with their evolving wellness preferences?

2. Are you challenged to find the right balance between cost-effective, top-quality and innovative food while maintaining operational efficiency?

3. Is your current inflight dining experience you deliver failing to meet the demanding standards of a 5-star service?

4. Do you need help developing a guest profile-targeted, commercially sustainable and operationally smooth dining program tailored for your airline?

5. Would you like to transform your airline meals into a standout feature of the passenger experience, offering healthy choices and seamless service that eases the workload for your crew?

The difference we make :

. Elevate passenger satisfaction and implement wellness trends
. Attain excellence affordably
. Enhance the inflight experience
. A crafted and successful dining program
. Hassle-free transformation and crew efficiency

We transform your basic menus into stunning, multilingual cards for your global network. Simply send your menu grids and we handle everything from design and translation to production.

1. Are you tired of the time-consuming hassle of translating your menus into multiple languages?

2.Do your current menu cards lack visual appeal and fail to represent your brand effectively?

3.With soaring reprint costs and limited menu rotation, is your current system creating unnecessary waste and expenses?

4.Do you struggle to ensure your menus (in the correct cycle and language) are made available on all specified flights?

5.Would you like a streamlined and commercially effective solution that takes care of everything, from translating your menu grids to creating beautiful, on-brand menu cards in multiple languages?

The difference we make :

.Save time and resources
.Enhance your brand image
.Reduce costs
.Guarantee accuracy and availability
.Streamlined solutions

We design and deliver operation-friendly service equipment (think airline carts and cutlery) and uniforms, managing everything from concept to implementation. From research to production, we ensure a seamless fit for your airline operations.

1.Are your current service equipment and uniforms hindering your operational efficiency or exceeding your budget?

2.Do you lack the resources or expertise to re-design and implement sustainable and operation-friendly service solutions for your airline?

3.Is the process of developing and integrating new service equipment and uniforms complex, costly and time-consuming for your team?

4.Do you struggle to find service equipment and uniforms that balance sustainability, functionality, aesthetics and cost-effectiveness for your airline?

5.Would you like a one-stop solution that handles everything from designing operations-friendly equipment and uniforms to seamlessly integrating them into your airline's workflow?

The difference we make:

.Optimize operations and save money
.Sustainable and streamlined solutions
.Effortless implementation
.Unmatched value
.Comprehensive service transformation

Our wine masters and expert sommeliers craft award-winning wine
programs for lounges and in-flight experiences. We handle
everything from selection to crew training, ensuring a memorable
journey for every passenger.

1.Is finding affordable wines that delight passengers proving difficult?

2.Do you need help curating top-tier award-winning wine selections for lounges and flights?

3.Is your current on-board wine program lacking direction and cohesion?

4.Are your crew members unsure about wine service and recommendations?

5.Seeking a comprehensive solution for wine selection, pairing, service design and crew training?

The difference we make:

. Reduce costs
. Award-winning wine selection
. Streamlined program
. Empower your crew
. All-inclusive solution

We craft delicious and stress-tested meals for airlines, from globally-inspired dishes to innovative options and fresh selections. Plus, we partner with industry leaders to develop and curate set meals and top-notch beverages.

1. Are your current in-flight meals failing to excite passengers and keep up with evolving taste preferences?
2. Do you struggle to offer a diverse selection of regional and globally inspired dishes while maintaining cost-effectiveness and quality at scale?
3. Is your current beverage program lacking innovation, particularly in the growing mocktail trend?
4. Do you find it difficult to source and maintain fresh or long-lasting food options that meet your airline's specific needs?
5. Are you missing out on opportunities to collaborate with industry leaders and catering to elevate your in-flight dining experience?

The difference we make.

• Ignite Passenger Excitement & Satisfy Evolving Tastes
• Diverse & Cost-Effective Culinary Delights
• Elevate Your Beverage Program
• Streamlined Sourcing & Guaranteed Quality
• Partnership for Success

We can streamline your airline catering operations to reduce costs and waste, all while ensuring the highest food safety standards and efficient use of equipment across your network.

1.Are rising catering costs and inefficiencies in your operation impacting your bottom line?

2.Do you struggle to reduce the cost per Pax and maximize the SLA & commercial value of the catering contract while improving the quality and variety of meal-offering?

3.Is food waste a growing problem for your airline, impacting your environmental footprint and budget?

4.Do you have the capacity to do quick turn-around catering without sacrificing the quality of meal service?

5.Are you unsure how to optimize your loading matrix and galley layout for maximum efficiency in different flight hauls (USH/SH/MJ/LH/ULH), while maintaining high-quality food service for passengers?

The difference we make:

. Boost profits and reduce waste
. Optimize costs and enhance value
. Reduce environmental impact
. Streamlined efficiency for quick turnarounds
. Maximize efficiency across all flights

We elevate your cabin crew performance to meet 5-Star standards through service refresh, training revamps and digital tools. Our program improves crew efficiency and passenger experience with a focus on clear procedures and real-time performance monitoring.

1. Are you concerned that your cabin crew service may not be meeting the guest’s expectation and the high standards set by Skytrax and Apex?

2. Do you feel your current cabin crew training program lacks effectiveness or is outdated?

3. Is a lack of service process standardization leading to inconsistencies in passenger experience?

4. Are your crew manuals cumbersome and difficult for crew members to follow during flight operations?

5. Do you struggle to effectively monitor and improve cabin crew performance?

The difference we make.

• Elevate Passenger Experience & Industry Recognition
• Modernize & Empower Your Crew
• Guarantee Consistent Service Excellence
• Streamline Crew Operations
• Real-Time Performance Improvement
• Optimize Crew Efficiency & Reduce Fatigue

We take the lead to streamline your airline catering operation by integrating everything from meal planning and finance to production and crew training. This provides a single platform to optimize costs, improve efficiency and maximize profitability.

1. Are you struggling to manage your airline catering operation with multiple disconnected systems, leading to inefficiencies and errors?

2. Do you lack real-time visibility into key areas like meal planning, production scheduling, equipment handling, and catering finances/revenue management, hindering your ability to optimize costs?

3. Is your current system failing to improve productivity, unable to provide business intelligence to interpret the voyage reports, complaints, C-SAT?

4. Do you lack a centralized system for managing equipment across your entire airline network, leading to inventory issues and inefficiencies?

5. Do your catering staff lack the training and understanding of the full catering business processes and the utilization of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, limiting its effectiveness?

The difference we make.

• Eliminate Errors & Streamline Operations
• Gain Real-Time Visibility & Control
• Boost Productivity & Make Data-Driven Decisions
• Centralized Equipment Management & Improved Inventory Control
• Empower Your Staff & Unleash the Power of ERP
• Maximize Revenue & Profitability

Go beyond the ordinary. We craft unforgettable lounge experiences that keep travelers relaxed, productive and impressed, setting your airline apart from the competition.

1.Is your current airline lounge failing to impress passengers and differentiate your brand from competitors?

2.Do you feel your lounge amenities are outdated or insufficient to meet the evolving needs of today's business and leisure travelers?

3.Are you struggling to strike a balance between offering a luxurious and comfortable experience while keeping operational costs under control?

4.Do you lack the resources or expertise to design and implement a lounge experience that offers personalized service, cutting-edge technology and a focus on passenger wellbeing?

5.Is your current lounge failing to capitalize on opportunities to showcase your brand identity and local inspiration, potentially missing out on creating a memorable customer journey?

The difference we make:

. Enhance your lounge and delight passengers
. Contemporary comforts for today's travelers
. Luxury and efficiency in perfect harmony
. Personalized service, cutting-edge tech and wellbeing focus
. Showcase your brand and create lasting memories

We collaborate with industry leaders across all aspects of in-flight
experiences, shaping the future alongside our clients. This powerful network
ensures access to the latest innovations and solutions, driving your airline's
sustainable success.

1. Are you feeling overwhelmed by the ever-changing in-flight experience landscape and struggling to keep pace with innovation?

2. Do you lack access to a comprehensive network of industry leaders who can provide cutting-edge solutions across all aspects of in-flight operations?

3. Is your current approach to in-flight experiences fragmented, hindering your ability to optimize costs and passenger satisfaction?

4. Are you unsure how to leverage digitalization and ERP solutions to improve operational efficiency and drive long-term sustainability in your airline?

5. Do you miss out on opportunities to collaborate with industry leaders in areas like catering, amenities, and digital tools, limiting your ability to differentiate your brand?

The difference we make.

• Future-Proof Your In-Flight Experience
• Unparalleled Network & Cutting-Edge Solutions
• Streamlined Approach, Optimized Results
• Digitalize & Thrive
• Collaborative Advantage for Brand Differentiation

Unlock new possibilities. We revolutionize your loyalty program, driving
member engagement and revenue by offering a wider partner network,
employee benefits, and innovative reward options.

1. Is your current loyalty program failing to excite members and keep up with competitor offerings?

2. Do you feel your program lacks a diverse range of partners, limiting the value proposition for members?

3. Are you missing out on opportunities to incentivize employees and strengthen their loyalty through program integration?

4. Do your members primarily view their points as a way to redeem for flights, neglecting other potential rewards?

5. Is your current program failing to generate additional revenue streams beyond simple point redemption?

The difference we make.

• Reimagine Loyalty & Excite Members
• Diverse Rewards & Enhanced Value
• Motivate & Retain Your Workforce
• Go Beyond Flights & Unlock More Rewards
• Generate New Revenue Streams

Unlock new revenue streams and passenger
loyalty with a world-class Halal catering
program. We handle everything, ensuring
compliance and peace of mind.

1.Is your brand image outdated, failing to connect with passengers, and hindering your ability to attract new customer segments?

2.Do inefficient processes like galley packing and inconsistencies in product delivery lead to wasted resources and impact your on-time performance?

3.Are you missing out on revenue opportunities by not offering strategic partnerships, co-branding, or a premium economy class with hot meals for business travelers?

4.Do your current offerings, including kids' packs and beverage selection, fail to meet evolving passenger preferences, leading to dissatisfaction?

5.Does the weight of your on-board equipment negatively impact your fuel efficiency and overall operating costs?

The difference we make:

. Elevate your brand image
. Localize your on-board experience
. Maximize efficiency and minimize delays
. Expand your reach and attract new customers
. Reduce fuel costs and improve efficiency
. Elevate your premium economy with hot meals
. Deliver a 5-star Business Class experience
. Delight young travelers with engaging kids' packs
. Refresh your beverage selection and satisfy passenger preferences
. Ensure on-time performance

Supercharge your bottom line. We’ll optimize your inflight experience with lighter equipment, streamlined operations and innovative products. Attract new customers with regionalized offerings and exciting upgrades without sacrificing your low-cost advantage.

1. Is your brand image outdated, failing to connect with passengers, and hindering your ability to attract new customer segments?

2. Do inefficient processes like galley packing and inconsistencies in product delivery lead to wasted resources and impact your on-time performance?

3. Are you missing out on revenue opportunities by not offering strategic partnerships, co-branding, or a premium economy class with hot meals for business travelers?

4. Do your current offerings, including kids' packs and beverage selection, fail to meet evolving passenger preferences, leading to dissatisfaction?

5. Does the weight of your onboard equipment negatively impact your fuel efficiency and overall operating costs?

The difference we make:

• Elevate Your Brand Image
• Localize Your Onboard Experience
• Maximize Efficiency & Minimize Delays
• Expand Your Reach & Attract New Customers
• Reduce Fuel Costs & Improve Efficiency
• Elevate Your Premium Economy with Hot Meals
• Deliver a 5-Star Business Class Experience
• Delight Young Travelers with Engaging Kids' Packs
• Refresh Your Beverage Selection & Satisfy Passenger Preferences
• Ensure On-Time Performance

We provide a comprehensive solution for private jet services, ensuring consistent, luxurious inflight experiences with personalized culinary options and signature amenities, all while optimizing your catering budget.

1. Do frequent crew rotations and unclear service standards lead to inconsistent service quality for your high-end clientele?

2. Are your current plating methods failing to showcase your culinary expertise and impress discerning passengers?

3. Does limited galley space restrict you from offering a wider selection of high-quality food and beverages?

4. Is outdated equipment hindering your ability to deliver a seamless and efficient in-flight experience?

5. Do you struggle to balance offering high-quality catering with cost-effectiveness for your private jet clients?

The difference we make:

• Unmatched Presentation & Culinary Delight
• Seamless Service, Every Time
• Private Jet Service Expertise
• Measure & Refine Service Excellence
• Streamlined Efficiency & Consistent Care
• Culinary Artistry on Display
• Maximize Galley Space, Expand Options
• Modernize for a Seamless Experience
• Cost-Effective Excellence
• Diverse Delights for Discerning Tastes

At ITI, we recognize that a strong online presence is crucial for airlines to effectively engage with their customers and showcase their unique offerings. By including web design support in our list of services, we ensure that clients can present a modern, user-friendly digital platform that enhances customer experience, facilitates easy access to information, and strengthens brand identity. This service complements our other offerings, providing a cohesive strategy to elevate overall performance and satisfaction.

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